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Endeavor Analytics Dashboard Redesign

The Endeavor Analytics data services team created a social media tracking dashboard to share with their clients. They wanted a redesign that would make  users want to stay on the dashboard longer. Making their products a tool that clients can use from start to finish.

My approach to this was to create a datahub within the PowerBi application. The design and navigation of the dashboard functions similarly to a website. It is user friendly, easy to navigate and more align with our branding.

All of our clients have requested for one and they’re now in development for clients to not only create and track campaigns but also land deals. 

Home Page

I created a homepage that acts similary to normal website homepages. Laying out previews of what’s information you can find in the dashboard, instead of just sending over the plain data files. This make the dashboard more interactive and the data easier to digest.

Summary Page

I redesigned the summary page to have a more coesive look with the company branding and refelect the layout setup for the home page. Keeping the similar formatting helps create the feel that this is part of a larger and connected document rather than just a singular page of data.





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