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Endeavor Analytics Website Re-Design

As part of EA’s recent brand refresh, I spearheaded a website redesign to harmonize with our updated identity. My responsibilities encompassed conducting an extensive audit of our existing website, with a primary focus on enhancing functionality and optimizing user experience. Additionally, I collaborated with product managers to revamp the site’s architecture, leading a comprehensive design overhaul and creating prototypes for seamless handoff to the development team.


Restructuring the website’s navigation represents a significant shift in this redesign initiative. Our primary objective is to transition from the current multi-page website to a primarily single-scroll format. In this new structure, only the featured case studies and the contact page will retain their individual, dedicated pages.


After conducting an extensive audit of the current website, where we thoroughly examined various issues related to navigation, user flows, and design. The main challenges are presented below.


Overally magnified design

The current website design is overly magnified, with elements appearing overly prominent. Many sections occupy more space than necessary relative to the limited content they contain.

Inconsistent Menu NAVigation

There are evident discrepancies in both the appearance and functionality of the menu/navigation system. Notably, only the mobile version provides users with a home button option. Forcing users on desktop to have to scroll either to the very top or bottom of the page to get back home.

Inconsistent Button Navigation

Furthermore, across the website, there is inconsistency in button behavior, with some buttons directing users to sections in the middle or bottom of the page, inadvertently leading to unintended destinations.

Seamless Single-Scroll Home Page Integration

We are consolidating multiple website pages into a single-scroll format for the homepage.


Optimizing Content Scaling

To enhance the user experience, we propose scaling down font sizes and resizing content layouts to occupy less space. 

Unified Navigation Framework

To streamline navigation on our primarily single-scroll website, we are eliminating the need for a dropdown menu. We’re simplifying navigation by placing all menu links in the top navigation on every page. The logo within this menu will act as the home button.

Button Behavior Standardization

Review and standardize button behavior to ensure consistent navigation. Implement programming that restarts users either at the top of the page or in their intended section without confusion.

Revitalizing Module Layouts

We’re converting extensive page designs into modular components for a single-scroll website while introducing innovative layouts to captivate users.






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